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When Candy Dowdy's mother became very ill and hospitalized out of town, Candy knew it was time for her mother to move closer to her in Farmville. Before she could check her mother into assisted living, a referral was needed. Upon evaluation of Candy's mother, Robert Wade, MD, assessed her mother's health and admitted her to Centra Southside Community Hospital.


New Centra Southside Medical Center Opens

The new Centra Southside Medical Center (CSMC) opened for patient care on Monday, August 31, 2015. The CSMC is home to multiple physicians and specialties. It is anticipated that the former Rose’s 50,000+ square foot building will serve thousands of patients in the first year. The Centra Southside

Centra Southside Community Hospital Welcomes Nephrologist, Atul Bali, MD

Dr. Atul Bali is the newest addition to the Centra Southside Community Hospital family. Dr. Bali will join Dr. Charles Brooks in the Centra Southside Nephrology practice, located on the hospital campus.

A nephrologist is a physician who specializes in kidney disease and hypertension. This type of medical doctor

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