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Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine

Care does not always end once an initial illness, injury, or trauma is over. Often it continues until a normal level of activity is resumed. Centra Southside Community Hospital's Center for Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine includes Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Occupational Therapy. Our licensed professionals offer a variety of services for infants to adults. We offer services in three settings: Inpatient for our acute care patients, Outpatient, and Home Health, per request by your physician.

Physical Therapy

Our qualified physical therapists and therapy assistants can aid in the recovery of patients by offering specific treatments and exercise to strengthen, stretch, or reduce pain and swelling. Physical therapists assist with a variety of orthopaedic, neurological, and wound care diagnoses. They may help stroke victims to walk, teach patients to use crutches or other assistive devices correctly and safely, and work with back, neck, and shoulder injuries. They treat pediatrics to geriatrics, and sports injuries. Equipped with the latest high tech equipment, our therapists are dedicated to returning patients to a level of normal activity.

Speech Therapy

Communication through speaking is a normal daily function for most; however, there are many people who suffer from speech disorders. These disorders can be improved upon or eliminated with the assistance of a speech language pathologist, better known as a speech therapist. The Center for Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine offers assessment and treatment of speech disorders in the areas of language, speech, fluency, voice, articulation and phonology, augmentative communication, aural rehabilitation, and swallowing. In conjunction with the Radiology Department, our Speech Therapy Department is equipped to perform the modified barium swallow (MBS) procedure. The MBS procedure is designed to study the anatomy and physiology of the oral preparatory, oral, pharyngeal, and cervical esophageal stages of deglutition (swallowing) and to determine management and treatment strategies to increase the patients swallowing safety of efficiency.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is for a serious illness or for patients who may need extra help to perform normal, daily tasks. For some, even the simple task of dressing or feeding themselves can be difficult. A qualified occupational therapist works with a patient's fine motor and cognitive skills to enable him/her to perform tasks that seemed simple before injury or illness. Our Occupational Therapy Department also works with positioning, splinting, and training with adaptive equipment.