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Hematology/Oncology Clinic

H.O.P.E. (Hemotology Oncology Patient Enterprises) provides services to CSCH and the community. HOPE providers will be present at least three days a week. Having HOPE here on this regular basis will make it more convenient for patients and improve the continuity of their care. You will see the same compassionate nursing staff in our Oncology Department.

When appropriate for the patient, The CSCH Infusion Clinic allows patients to receive treatment as an
outpatient while still taking part in most of their usual daily activities. We are committed to giving the best care experience for our patients.

Cost Effective - As an outpatient service, the services are covered by Medicare and other insurances.
Professional - Registered nurses administer and supervise treatment at all times. Our pharmacy is staffed with infusion experienced pharmacists. If needed, physician support is available on site.
Comfortable - Patients are made comfortable in reclining chairs and cable TV is available.

The goal of Centra Southside Community Hospital is to provide excellent care for our communities. Please call 434.315.2690 if you need more information.

From an article in the Southside messenger, July 2005

"He was 72, retired and enjoying life. One day he moved a table and ended up with lower back pain. After three weeks, a lot of pain pills, and no relief; X-rays were taken. A spot was discovered and blood tests showed very high protein levels. More tests: MRI, bone marrow samples, the result, Cancer, Multiple myeloma. His world turned upside down with shock, disbelief, despair, and depression. The family was informed and they quickly gathered around him. His daughter was a nurse; his son was also a cancer patient. A second opinion was called for in New York. Their tests confirmed the first results but chemotherapy was not recommeded.  Intstead, treatment by high Thalidomide along with IV infusion. The monthly trip to New York was very hard. A church cancer patient heard of the problem and suggested a trip to Centra Southside Community Hospital Hematology/Oncology department in Farmville. The doctors and staff were great and very helpful taking over his treatments. After one year, the cancer was in remission and medications were no longer needed. His is very grateful for a second chance at life and all the people along the way who never let him give up hope."