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Emergency Department

The Emergency Department is staffed with professional physicians and nurses every hour of the day for the treatment and care of injured and critically ill patients. Helicopter and ground transports are available when needed. We have access to Centra One when urgent transport to another hospital is necessary.

Visitors will surely notice the convenience the Emergency Department offers. The layout of the department provides the staff with easy and quick access to all patients, whether the patient requires critical care/emergency care or has a condition of a less severe nature. The trauma and critical care areas, which are equipped to handle any number of emergencies from fractures to heart attacks, are located just upon entering the department. Centra Southside Community Hospital has taken into consideration the needs of the community in providing Southside Virginia with an emergency department that allows patients and their families the confidence that their needs will be met. Patients are monitored by special equipment that follows them throughout the first floor addition; equipment that keeps track of the heart, lungs, and oxygen in the blood, so should a change in condition occur, doctors and nurses and respond immediately. A state-of-the-art call system is also part of the facility. This system not only allows the doctors an nursing staff to monitor patients and their conditions, but it also enables them to remain in continual contact during the care of the patient.