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Your Accommodations

Your Room

We have furnished and equipped your room to make your stay as comfortable and pleasant as possible. Centra Southside Community Hospital has all private rooms.

Your Hospital Bed and Bedside Table

Your hospital bed is electrically operated; your nurse will show you how to adjust it properly. The bed is equipped with side rails for your safety to prevent injury while you are asleep or under sedation.

Your bedside table contains storage space. If you wear glasses and/or dentures, please keep them in a drawer to protect them. Please do not put them on meal trays or in your bed. Please make sure that you have packed all personal items before you leave to go home.

Room Temperature

All rooms in the hospital have a thermostat. This allows you to have your room temperature customized to suit you. If you need help adjusting the temperature, notify the nursing staff.

Calling Your Nurse

To call your nurse, use the button that is located on your television speaker/remote. It is the RED button. When the button is pressed, the nurses' station is notified and a staff member will answer promptly.


For your convenience, each room is equipped with a telephone. In your admission package, there will be information about placing calls. People will be able to call you directly during your stay here. They will be instructed to enter your room number. If they do not know the room number they can press 0 to speak with an operator. Direct calls can be received from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.. From 9 p.m. to 7 a.m. all calls must go through the switchboard and will be forwarded to the nurses' station. If you or your doctor would like to prohibit phone calls from coming to your room, they can be rerouted to the switchboard. In order to make a local call, dial 9 then the number. Calling card calls and outside operator-assisted calls are also allowed on your hospital phone. For further instructions, please consult the telephone information given to you in your admission packet.


Your room is equipped with cable television. The remote and speaker are on the same box with the nurse call button.