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Art While You Wait

Fertile Visions: Paintings by Marion Line

Centra Southside Community Hospital Main Lobby, 800 Oak Street, Farmville

art while you waitArt While You Wait, the brainchild of David Dodge Lewis, chair of the Membership Council, brings art into the regional hospital, Centra Southside Community Hospital. Conceived several years ago, the program is finally ready for implementation. The purpose of the program is to have meaningful, inspiring works of art on display so that visitors waiting for loved ones can take their mind off their concerns, if only for a few minutes, to enjoy the beauty and healing power of art. Printed materials about the art and the LCVA will accompany the works. How many times has each of us been to a hospital and craved something more to read? It is also a way to let the community know more about the LCVA and its many programs and opportunities.

The first exhibition will be Fertile Visions: Paintings by Marion Line (1919-1999). Given to the LCVA in 2000 by Lloyd E. Line, Jr., the works embody the spirit of charming Virginia landscapes throughout the seasons and memories associated with growing up in the rural atmosphere (such as picking apples, hanging laundry out to dry, and dyeing Easter eggs) through brightly colored scenes painted in a folk art style. Marion Line's work is particularly apt for the hospital because she came to painting late in life as a method of coping with pain associated with debilitating arthritis. Line's paintings will be exhibited in the main lobby of the hospital through the summer of 2010.