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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my baby stay with me the entire time?

The Birth Center offers family-centered maternity care. The baby will be admitted and given their first bath right in your room. If there are any problems, the baby will be taken directly to the nursery.

Do I need to pre-register with the Birthing Center?

Yes. Your obstetrician should give you a pre-registration form several months prior to your due date. If you do not receive the form, please call the Birthing Center at 434.315.2680.

What are the postpartum visiting hours and policy for family and friends?

Visiting hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. There is a comfortable waiting room for other friends and family.

Can my children accompany me into the labor and delivery rooms? May they visit?

Yes, however, siblings must be accompanied by an adult other than yourself at all times.

How many people can accompany me during labor?

Birth Center policy allows three visitors at one time in the labor and delivery rooms. No children under 12, except siblings; siblings must be accompanied by an adult.

May my spouse or support person stay overnight with me?

Yes, the Birth Center has private rooms, which include large private showers/baths for new mothers. If spending the night with the new mom, family members will have access to new, comfortable furniture. We cannot accommodate other children/siblings overnight.

May I tour the new Birth Center before the delivery date?

Yes, tours of the Birth Center are offered.  To find out dates and/or to register, call 434.315.2416.